Upcoming Events

  • Wines of California
    Sun, Aug 21
    Taste your way through the varietals that have made California one of the most sought after wine regions in the world. With pairings of cured meats and artisanal cheeses that will compliment or contrast what is in your glass you are sure to leave with a new favorite.
  • Wines of France
    Sun, Sept 18
    Ever wonder what makes France the land of love? It starts with the wine. Bordeaux, Sancerre, Burgundy, Chablis, the Rhone Valley there is just so much that makes French wine unlike any others and it all starts with the terroir. Featuring charcuterie type pairings that will elevate your experience.
  • Pairings: Wine & Halloween Candy
    Sun, Oct 23
    Halloween isn't just for the children. This adults only Halloween tasting will help you make the best of all those bags of candies the kids are bringing home from trick or treating.